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The Ultimate Energy Protection Stone Set


The Ultimate Energy Protection Stone Set. A one ounce Travel size bottle of Simply Sacred’s Smudge Sage Mist™ Room & Fabric Spray.
One of each, quartz crystal point, black tourmaline, tigereye, black obsidian, jet, pyrite, selenite stick and carry pouch.

Simply Sacred’s Smudge Sage Mist™ Room & Fabric Spray


A convenient, smokeless alternative to the traditional burning smudge stick. Handcrafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality and consistency. Our signature StoneVibeEssence™ combines the natural cleansing and protective properties of semi-precious, stones, crystals, and minerals with the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Similar sacred recipes have been used as far back as ancient Egyptian times to restore balance and purify the mind, body, and surroundings. Empower your environment when you sense stagnant, unwanted energy. Use to clear, energize, uplift, and invite light and positivity to you and your space. Example: Before an important meeting, at the office, selling or buying a home, after a disagreement.
Simply Sacred’s Smudge Sage Mist™ Room & Fabric Spray; Use this spray the same way you would when you are smudging with the plant. As you spray, focus your intention on releasing stagnant energies so they can be recycled back into the earth. Spray high into the air above and around the area or environment you choose to clear to create your sacred space.

Suggested Use:
Shake gently to activate. Spray high in the air.
See it – Say it – Spray it away!

1. Set your intentions.
2. Create it by seeing it manifest in your mind, this process is known as
creative visualization.
3. Spray 2–3 mists in the intended direction. May light and love enter your

Quartz Crystal

Quartz crystal is known as “The Master Healer”, the almighty amplifier marrying the mind, body, and spirit. Quartz crystal is clear to cloudy in color and can be programmed to hold intention. It stores information like a computer’s hard drive for easy access and is used to provide clarity by removing negative thoughts and thought patterns. It is a transformational and healing crystal that can enhance psychic abilities.

Quartz crystal is easily programmed by holding and focusing your attention on your intentions and desired outcome. It is the most commonly used crystal for deep spiritual work to cleanse and rejuvenate. It is the facilitator. Quartz crystal clears all Chakras.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is black in color. It clears electromagnetic energy we encounter from electronics, computers, phones, etc. Black Tourmaline is a stone of self confidence and offers protection against negative vibrations, drawing negative energies away from you. It’s said to decontaminate the user of blockages and aids with grounding and the first chakra.

Black Tourmaline is known as a shield from other people’s energy as well. It works like an etheric sponge by absorbing and clearing one’s self and surroundings of disharmony, discord, and imbalances. Keep one in your pocket, home, office, and car, or keep one in each corner of your home or business to create a spiritual shield around your sacred space.


Tigereye is a powerful protective stone working with security, trust, and financial matters. It offers protection against outside negative influences. It is a healing and financially healing stone. It works with sharpening insight and heightening all senses.

Tigereye is a very popular stone of good fortune and abundance, a spiritually healing stone. It is said that tigereye provides the vision to see beyond the obvious and through potential deception. It is connected to the third Chakra.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is also know as black volcanic glass. It is used as a cleansing, grounding, and protection stone as it repels negativity. Black Obsidian increases awareness and dispels illusions so that we are able to be more grounded. It’s a very powerful and creative stone that grounds the soul. It also works with releasing ancestral issues and opens a path to release past and present emotional blocks.


Jet is a type of coal that has been fossilized over millions of years. The Indians consider Jet to be one of the most powerful and protective stones. It is a stone of transformation on many levels.

Black and opaque in color, it is an exceptional force. Jet is a stone of grounding and clears negative energies to promote calming to release fears and anxiety. It aids with a connection with your higher self.

It has been said that the Native Americans would lay a piece of jet on their family members who had passed away so that during their transition, the soul of their loved one would be equally distributed among the living relatives. With the aid of jet, the deceased would continue to live in all of the loved ones left behind. Jet is connected to the first and third Chakra.


Pyrite is also known as fool’s gold. It is a metallic compound of iron and sulfur. During the middle ages, it was believed that the secret of gold was hidden in pyrite. It is known as the bringer of energy, exuding warmth, vitality, contentment, trust, and optimism. Pyrite is an energy shielding force for spiritual protection and attracting money.

Selenite Stick

A protective stone, Selenite shields a person or space from outside influences. Selenite is used for good luck and protection. The powerful vibration of Selenite can clear, open, and activate the Crown and Higher Chakras and is excellent for all types of spiritual work. Selenite clears all Chakras. Approximately 5-51/2” in length.

Selenite is often used to clear and cleanse other crystals and stones. This is done by simply surrounding, leaning on, or touching crystals and stones in need of clearing with a piece of Selenite or a Selenite stick or wand. Allow for a 24 hour cycle to completely clear.

To energize and program a crystal, hold the stone and focus on the intended outcome with intention. Clear stones frequently, especially if others handle your crystals.

Carry pouch for stones included.

Items in set
1 – 1oz Travel size bottle of Simply Sacred’s Smudge Sage Mist™ Room & Fabric Spray
1 – Quartz Crystal Point
1 – Black Tourmaline Stone
1 – Tigereye Stone
1 – Black Obsidian Stone
1 – Jet Stone
1 – Pyrite Stone
1 – Selenite Stick Approximately 5-51/2″ in length
1 – Carry pouch for the stones
1 – Complimentary Chakra Chart & Six-Step Affirmation Meditation Card

*Size, color, shape and length of all stones, sticks and wands may vary.

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