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“Mineral Vibration Energy may have Healing Powers:”

People believe in the Healing Power of Crystals: People have believed in the healing power of crystals and mineral stones for centuries. In addition, modern medicine has weighed in on the matter. Furthermore, most wellness aficionados have heard of the touted healing powers of crystals, minerals and gemstones. In addition, people ware metal pendants and

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“The Therapeutic benefits of Salt Caves:”

Dry salt therapy has been around for hundreds of years: First of all, sitting in a salt cave to reap health benefits may be the thing to do. Furthermore, it may sound primitive, but it’s becoming an increasingly popular activity. A therapeutic salt cave is set up in spa-like settings. In addition, the salt cave is

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Ask Your Angels Bracelet. Earth Spirit design handcrafted by Virginiarose.The Beach Collection.A filigree angel adorns this Turquoise Howlite Bracelet with Black Onyx accents.Howlite is a calming and relaxing stone often used to work with creativity, self expression and individualism.This stone also assists with a path or connection to releasing unwanted thought patterns, attachments and stored habits that

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