Tumbled Stone Sets


Magical 8 stone set with carry pouch

Magical 8 Stones

Black Obsidian
Red Jasper
Black Onyx
Rose Quartz

***This stone set can be used in conjunction with our Empowerment Sprays to create an affirming meditation. Stay tuned for our link to enjoy this new way of meditating.

8 stone Chakra Set with carry pouch

8 Genuine Chakra Stones

Red Jasper
Green Aventurine
Blue lace agate
Quartz Crystal Point

See our link that describes the purpose of each stone.

*Some stones substituted based on color and availability.
Example alternate for Green Aventurine may include Moss Agate, Bloodstone, Dragonsblood or other green stone.

8 Green Aventurine with carry pouch

Green Aventurine is connected to the fourth or Heart Chakra. It is a very fortunate and lucky stone/crystal to carry with you. This stone brings good luck, opportunity, chance, and insight.

The number eight is the manifestation of money or wealth. Keep 8 stones in your pocket to manifest what your heart desires. Use them when you are in pursuit of a new endeavor, venture, buying or selling.

8 Natural Green Aventurine polished, tumbled stones. Cleansed and ready to use. Delivered in a drawstring pouch for convenience or gifting.
Each stone will vary in shape size and color.

8 Rose Quartz with carry pouch

Rose quartz crystal is pink and connected to the Heart Chakra, known as the stone of unconditional love.

Aids with opening the heart to giving and receiving love and manifesting desired love.

Also works with relationships on every level, love friendship, work, etc.

8 Tumbled & Polished Rose Quartz Crystal. Cleansed and ready to use.

Delivered in a drawstring pouch for convenience or gifting.

4 Raw Black Tourmaline – $10.00

4 Natural Black Tourmaline Stones placed in each of the four corners of your home or business to amplify protection.

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Tumbled Stone Sets

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