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Simply Sacred Oils™

Crystals, gemstones and essential oils all vibrate at different frequencies. When these elements are combined it creates a synergistic compound that assists you in bringing peace and harmonic balance to your mind, body and spirit. All of our products are based on this basic principle.

Our signature StoneVibeEssence™ process combines the natural cleansing and protective properties of semi-precious stones, crystals and minerals with the natural aroma-theraputic benefits of essential oils.

Simply Sacred Oils™, has developed eight Chakra specific formulas that will work with you to bring about your chosen results. Applied to the appropriate area or chakra energy center, the oils become the vehicle that unlocks cellular memory, the blueprint for your existence. This allows you to access and strengthen the emotional, cellular and spiritual connection, creating balance and harmony in your life.


Our Intention is to break down the information in an easy way to demystify the Chakra System by creating a kit that includes a chakra chart, directions and sample mediation and affirmations, this allows you to follow a simple step by step method to a balanced body, mind and spirit.

Simply Sacred Oils™ has developed a numbered and color coordinated series of anointing oils to allow you to clear, open and understand your physical and emotional body. Each oil is hand crafted with sacred ingredients specifically designed to balance each of your energy centers. Simply Sacred anointing oils have been designed to naturally incorporate the ancient therapeutic benefits from both essential oil and stones- minerals and crystals.

Why is it important to have balanced chakra’s?

Located right outside the body, the aura is the electromagnetic extension of these centers that surround the physical body and usually vary in color. The aura is also known as your Spiritual Signature.


To be Balanced is to be healthy and clear, physically, emotionally and Spiritually. By being clear and focused this allows you to retrieve information connected to your souls purpose. By being balanced it allows for the free flow of synergistic energy.

Why ‘Simply Sacred Oils’?

Simply Sacred Oils™ uses the highest quality essential oils to maximize its effectiveness. Its additional natural benefit is enhanced by its ready absorption into our bodies. As a result our Simply Sacred Oils™need not be diluted to be safe and effective, ensuring you have the best possible experience in awakening your spiritual connection.

About the Founder

Helen LaLousis

“A light worker walking this planet co-creating with
the Divine for the greater good of all.”​

At a very young age, Helen realized that her life’s work would be heavily influenced by her natural curiosity and passion to improve her world. She has focused her life’s purpose on finding various creative ways to help others.

Her determination to “waken” souls by creating cutting edge, forward thinking, sometimes disturbing programming, resulted in the launch of Face OFF Productions, a boutique production company in New York.

“Programming created to inspire the recognition of human achievement.” Her determination to “waken” souls by creating cutting edge, forward thinking, sometimes disturbing programming, resulted in the launch of Face OFF Productions, a boutique production company in New York. “Programming created to inspire the recognition of human achievement.”

An advocate for the underdog, Helen’s work and personal belief of brining a voice to the voiceless and great passion to reinspire the “just” in “justice” has brought her closer to focus on subjects near and dear to her heart. Her desire to bring greater awareness to this issue led to the development of a nationally recognized symbol against bullying; Billy the Bull. Her thought was to create a symbol that, when displayed by someone on their car or their front door, would identify that person as a champion against bullying and an immediate safe haven for those who are bullied.

In 2014, Helen founded the Billy the Bull Foundation, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. Bullying behavior is not new. Her vivid memories from elementary school of the relentless persecution some of classmates visited on a girl in her class who was overweight fueled her desire to bring awareness to the epidemic of bullying in our society.

Teaching children to recognize and respond to bullying behavior in an effective way is the first step in creating a culture of inclusion and acceptance. Billy represents the trusted friend who lends his power to the support of the vulnerable. He fights the good fight.Bullying is a learned behavior, but a change in thinking and behavior can be positively impacted through both classroom learning and role play activity. The years to follow would be marked by countless hours of collaboration with others involved in education and childhood development. What evolved is a teaching tool that can be utilized by educators to make learning new behaviors interesting and fun. The workbook is intended to emphasize the impact of bullying on the most vulnerable – young children. The work book/book is ideal for early education, children in kindergarten through third grade and provides clear and consistent learning goals to help prepare students for life.

Helen’s current life has always been a frequent reflection of events, relationships and memories of her childhood. She was very connected to her maternal grandmother (yaya or yiayia) Eleni (Greek for Helen). She was a highly religious and Spiritual soul and prayed throughout the day and evening. Helen spent a majority of her younger life in her grandma’s home watching and learning from her. Her grandmother taught her to recognize the healing properties of various plants and herbs growing in her garden. Her yiayia was a fundamental influence on who Helen is today.

Helen found that her grandmother’s recipes lived on through her and that sharing them brought relief to other’s. “If they worked for me, perhaps I can find a way to bring them to market in a simple way to help others heal themselves:” It was through early introduction to plant and herbal therapy and holistic approaches to healing that the foundation for the creation of Simply Sacred Oils was created. A simple, practical way to bring the healing benefits of crystals, essential oils and aromatherapy into the lives of others.


A majority of pure essential oils and blends will remain stable for many years. Some essential oils, such as Patchouli, Spikenard, Sandalwood, Patchouli Frankincense actually improve with age. To enhance the length of life of the products, bottles should be properly stored away from light, heat and cold weather and left tightly sealed at all times. Best result of use within 24 months of opening and proper storage.

Important: If you are pregnant or nursing some oils may be emmenogogues. The above should not replace any current medications you are currently taking. None of the health topics presented have been evaluated or approved by the FDA. Use with care on the skin and avoid when exposed to the sun or UV rays. Keep out of the Reach of Children. Avoid Contact with Eyes.

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