“Mineral Vibration Energy may have Healing Powers:”

  • People believe in the Healing Power of Crystals:

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People have believed in the healing power of crystals and mineral stones for centuries. In addition, modern medicine has weighed in on the matter. Furthermore, most wellness aficionados have heard of the touted healing powers of crystals, minerals and gemstones. In addition, people ware metal pendants and crystal charms around their neck or wrist. The crystals and mineral stones are believed to have health-boosting properties. Ancient skincare potions contain pulverized crystals. You can find gyms fitted with crystal walls for the medicinal benefit. All good meditation centers have a crystal singing bowl.

  • Healing with Mineral Vibration energy:Image result for public domain images of minerals

First of all, we should not dismiss mineral vibration energy as hocus pocus. These stones have had a reputation that has persisted for centuries. Furthermore, famous leaders had crystals and gemstones stitched into robes. They cut the stones into amulets for protection and ground the crystals into powders. This beautified the complexion and would heal wounds and diseases as a result.

  • Natural Energy Fields:

Consequently, modern medicine has shed some light on the use of crystals and minerals. There is an orthopedic surgeon and professor who did some research. In addition, he believes we have regenerative powers within our bodies and electric currents. Most of all, open wounds emit a certain electric current. The intensity of the current determines how quickly one person heals compared to the next. His research has also focused on the supposed potential of electric fields. Therefore, the electric field can heal bone fractures and heart murmurs. This may suggest that the body will correspond with the energy and vibration levels of crystals and mineral stones. Crystals and mineral stones possess natural energy fields and properties which is especially relevant.

  • Liquid Crystals and Mineral Stones:Image result for public domain images of minerals stones

Furthermore, experts write about how liquid crystals exist within our ligaments, muscles and tendons. Liquid crystal and minerals are the “chieftains” that connect one point to another. Therefore, their job is enabling the body to function properly. Consequently, the principles of acupuncture are similar. First of all, crystals and mineral stones are used for healing. For centuries stones have been used. These were eastern traditions now being incorporated into Western medicines. Mineral vibration energy has become very popular for natural healers. Skin-care fuse Chinese, Tibetan, ayurvedic, homeopathic and vibrational medicines. In addition, they use crystals and minerals in the beauty industry to remedy skin problems. Minerals and crystals contain electro-stimulants. These electro-stimulants give an extra boost to the concoctions.

  • The Higher Vibrational Level:

Out of perspective this seems very logical. Crystals and minerals possess a higher vibrational level or frequency. Furthermore, humans naturally reverberate with mineral stones. Our life force resonates and has an electronic exchange with the Earth. We also do this with the gemstones and minerals. Mineral stones have many uses in the homeopathic industry. In addition, there is a fitness studio opening in New York that will have crystal-encrusted floors. Also custom-made scents that create an environment full of energy. The use of crystals and mineral stones create an energetic environment

  • Lifting Low Vibration Levels:Related image

Minerals or mineral stones are supposed to heighten your energy fields and lift low vibration levels which are especially relevant. Furthermore, you cannot see this with the naked eye. But mineral stones are very instrumental in helping sicknesses from fevers to depression. People who have trouble sitting still can benefit from crystals and mineral stones. In addition, there is a foundation for mineral vibration energy. The foundation is gongs, sound forks and Tibetan crystal singing bowls. Mineral sessions bring peace and simulate a tranquil state. This would be similar to meditation. Followers claim that crystals and minerals have healed sleeping disorders, trauma and anxiety.

  • Black Stones fight Negative Energy:Image result for public domain images of minerals stones

Black stones are minerals. These minerals or black stones are called smoky quartz or black tourmaline. The black minerals protect against negative energy. In addition, minerals like malachite and sugilite can act as a shield. And crystals and mineral stones help protect against electromagnetic frequencies. Our hyper connected society makes it especially relevant. In conclusion, you can replace your coffee with a brew made of crystals and mineral stones. Natural healers make gemstone elixirs to spray around their office and home. Furthermore, placing mineral stones at work and home can be helpful. Also carry your crystals and mineral stones in your pocket. Just make sure the crystals and minerals are close to your skin.


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