My Angels Are Always With Me


“My Angels surround me”.

Repeat this mantra and invite your Archangels/Angels to work with you “for the greater good of all”. Working with your Angels to facilitate and manifest your goals has been made simple with this set. Know that your Angels always surround you, waiting to hear from you and how they can step in to assist. Your Angels will not interfere with your free will, in order to receive assistance and guidance you must ask them.

This set was created and infused with the energy of being able to successfully connect and work with your Archangels/Angels for a specific purpose. It has taken me much time and concentration to carefully merge the needed tools to assist you. Each of the items in this set were carefully chosen to synergistically work with the angelic realms. It contains a powerful series of crystals, stones, aromatherapy and jewelry to work with you energetically toward your desired manifestation.

The items in this set include a 1oz bottle of The 7 Rays of Light™ Room & Fabric Spray Invoke the Archangels Mist™, a Green Aventurine and Carnelian stone bracelet adorned with a silver-tone angel coin, a smaller silver tone cherib disc with a black cord necklace, a Quartz Crystal Point, a Selenite cube, an Angelite stone with carry pouch.


Green Aventurine and Carnelian stone bracelet adorned with a silver tone angel coin

Carnelian is connected to the 2nd Chakra. The 2nd Chakra is a shade of orange and has Sacral energy known for it’s creativity. It is also known for ambition to get where you want to go in life and gives clarification of your desired outcome. Green Aventurine is connected to the Green, 4th or Heart Chakra. It is the stone of heart healing energy and is said to be the stone of good fortune, opportunity, and luck. Great energy combination to focus your intentions and get things done. Ideal for manifesting your hearts desire, prosperity and abundance. Invite prosperity into your life. 7″ stretch to fit comfortably.


Cherib Disc Necklace

A smaller silver tone cherib disc with a black cord necklace.


Quartz Crystal

Quartz crystals is known as “The Master Healer”, the almighty amplifier marrying the mind, body, and spirit. Crystal Quartz is clear to cloudy in color and can be programmed to hold intention. It stores information like a computer’s hard drive for easy access and is used to provide clarity by removing negative thoughts and thought patterns. It is a transformational and healing crystal that can enhances psychic abilities.

Quartz crystal is easily programmed by holding and focusing your attention on your intentions and desired outcome. It is the most commonly used crystal for deep spiritual work to cleanse and rejuvenate. It is the facilitator. Quartz crystal clears all Chakras.


Selenite Cube

Selenite is a protective stone, Selenite shields a person or space from outside influences. Selenite is used for good luck and protection. The powerful vibration of Selenite can clear, open, and activate the Crown and Higher Chakras and is excellent for all types of spiritual work. Selenite clears all Chakras. Selenite is often used to clear and cleanse other crystals and stones. This is done by simply surrounding, leaning on, or touching crystals and stones in need of clearing with a piece of Selenite. Allow for a 24 hour cycle to completely clear.


Angelite Stone

Angelite is a light to glacier sky blue color. It is a recent discovery from only 30 or more years ago and known as the “Angel Stone”. This is a powerful stone and is known to foster communication with your Angels and love ones that have crossed over.

Your intention and focus will be crucial to bring them to fruition. To begin this practice, you may use these suggestions:

Sit quietly in a peaceful space. Quiet your thoughts to focus on your intended manifestation. Which Angel or Archangel you be contacting? How would you like them to help you? Try to be as specific as possible. Start with the assistance of our 7 Rays of Light™ Room & Fabric Spray Invoke the Archangels Mist™ to make your initial connection to your Archangels/Angels and to assist you on your journey for today.

The 7 Rays of Light™ Room Fabric Spray Invoke the Archangels Mist™

Spray 2-3 mists high into the air in the intended direction. Call in the 7 rays or the Angels you wish to connect to.

Take your stones in your hands.

Feel the comfort. Feel your connection to the earth, your thoughts and purpose. Set your intention. See in your minds eye, that you are already enjoying your conversation with your Angels. Wrap your thoughts around the details of your conversation.

Feel the warmth flow from your voice’s vibration past your teeth and tongue, then, past your neck, chest and down to the 4th Chakra,to warm the chambers of your heart. Feel the warmth and enjoy the euphoric knowing that you are working directly with “The Source”. Feel the relief in your heart and your breath that your wishes have already been realized and your Angels hear you.

Begin your conversation. Continue your practice as frequently as possible. Clear your stones after each practice. Like an old friend, the stronger the connection,the stronger the relationship. Feel the warmth of love fill your heart, as if you had an amazing visit with a friend or loved one you were longing to see.

Items in Set
1 – 1oz Bottle of The 7 Rays of Light™ Room & Fabric Spray
1 – Green Aventurine and Carnelian stone bracelet adorned with a silver tone angel coin.
1 – Smaller silver tone cherib disc with a black cord necklace.
1 – Quartz crystal point
1 – Selenite cube
1 – Angelite stone
1 – Carry pouch
1 – Complimentary Chakra Chart & Six-Step Affirmation Meditation Card

*Size, color, shape and length of all stones, sticks and wands may vary.

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