Lots of Lavender


Relax…..breathe in the goodness of lavender fields…nothing more.

The items in this set include a 10-ounce jar of Lavender Dreams Hand & Body Scrub, a 4-ounce bottle of Sweet Dreams Body & Pillow Sleep spray, a My YaYa’s Old Fashion™ Sweet Lavender Dreams Aromatherapy Pillow, a Lemony Lavender Natural Air Freshener, a Lotus Flower Aromatherapy Bracelet, and an Amethyst stone.

Lavender Dreams Hand & Body Scrub
Peace & Calming

Lavender has a floral, fresh, clean, and relaxing aroma. It promotes peace and has a calming effect to help you rest. The combination of pure essential oils and pink Himalayan salts produces a blend that has a rich golden hue. Genuine quartz crystal inside.

Sweet Dreams Body & Pillow Sleep Spray

Shake gently, close your eyes and spray two quick jets towards the ceiling above you. Allow the calming aromatics to envelop and prepare you for a peaceful sleep. Lavender essential oil may relieve anxiety and agitation, and promote relaxation.

My YaYa’s Old Fashion™ Sweet Lavender Dreams Aromatherapy pillow

Made with Pure Pink Himalayan Salt that has matured over millions of years in a pressurized, pure, and toxin-free environment. Himalayan Salt contains over 80 minerals and trace elements essential to human health. Ancient cultures have used salt therapy for thousands of years to irrigate the nose and throat to help prevent and treat illness and allergies. The marriage of lavender and vanilla has been used for centuries. It promotes relaxation, the release of occasional stress, and enhances a deeper sense of serenity, peace, and calming.

Our signature StoneVibeEssenceTM process infuses the vibrations of amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, hematite and black tourmaline to foster a higher vibrational energy and activate the recipe.

Lemony Lavender Natural Air Freshener

Made with lemongrass, lavender, and lemon pure essential oils, this natural air freshener offers a cleansing and calming aroma that is perfect for use in multiple spaces such as: cars, offices, trucks, campers, closets, bathrooms, lockers, and drawers.

Lotus Flower Aromatherapy Bracelet

An 8 mm bead bracelet made from natural Amethyst and lava stones. This bracelet has a lotus locket that holds a lava bead to absorb your choice of aromatherapy (essential oils sold separately). Stretch elastic for a comfortable fit.

Amethyst stone

This purple stone varies in color from a light lilac to a deep purple and is known for its protective and healing properties. Amethyst is known to assist with a deeper connection to Spirit and works closely to rid the mind of negative thoughts. Connected to the Crown Chakra (top of the head) It helps to inspire focus, clear thinking and reduce brain fog. A most popular stone that also works with sleep patterns and erratic sleep.

Items in set
1 – 10oz Jar of Lavender Dreams Hand & Body Scrub
1 – 4oz bottle of Sweet Dreams Body & Pillow Sleep Spray
1 – My YaYa’s Old Fashion™ Sweet Lavender Dreams Aromatherapy Pillow
1 – Lemony Lavender Natural Air Freshener
1 – Lotus Flower Aromatherapy Bracelet
1 – Amethyst Stone
1 – Complimentary Chakra Chart & Six-Step Affirmation Meditation Card

*Size, shape and color vary on all stones, crystals, sticks and wands.

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