Body Trio


The items in this set include a 4oz bottle of Chakra Balanced Body Mist™, a 4oz bottle of Sweet Dreams Body & Pillow Sleep spray™ and a 4oz bottle of Palo Santo Room and Body Mist™.

Chakra Balanced Body Mist™

Chakra’s are colored energy wheels in and around the body responsible for the flow of vital energy. When energy is blocked, it creates an imbalance and adverse effects may occur in the body, mind and spirit.

Sweet Dreams Body & Pillow Sleep Spray™

Shake gently, close your eyes and spray two quick jets towards the ceiling above you. Allow the calming aromatics to envelop and prepare you for a peaceful sleep. Lavender essential oil may relieve anxiety and agitation, and promote relaxation.

Simply Sacred’s Palo Santo Room and Body Mist™

Palo Santo Room and Body Mist™ is a safe and convenient addition to your sacred cleansing practices and can be used to cleanse and clear all negative energy to provide sacred spiritual protection. Palo Santo (Holy-Wood) is grown on the coast of South America and is related to Frankincense & Myrrh. This mystical, holy tree is one of the most sacred and fragrant woods in the world. Palo Santo Room & Body Mist is used to cleanse and clear all negative energy to bring in the “good”.

Suggested Use: Shake gently to activate the stones and crystals.

Close eyes and draw and hold a deep breath while you spray the elixir high above your head, allowing the mist to gently cover you like an energetic shower and metaphysical cleanse. As the last of the mist settles on your skin, release your breath and say “I am protected. I release all unwanted thoughts and energy. Thank you.”

Items in Set:
1 – 4oz bottle of Chakra Balanced Body Mist™
1 – 4oz bottle of Sweet Dreams Body & Pillow Sleep spray™
1 – 4oz bottle of Palo Santo Room and Body Mist™
1 – Complimentary Chakra Chart & Six-Step Affirmation Meditation Card

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