Simply Sacred Oils™ presents its artisan jewelry collection. A natural extension of the gem-infused, chakra-specific anointing oils, incorporating some of the same stones, minerals and crystals used to create Simply Sacred Oils. Each piece can be used independently, or as a compelling and powerful complement to the use of Simply Sacred Oils.

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  • Angel Wing Aromatherapy Bracelet

  • World Aromatherapy Bracelet

  • Lotus Flower Aromatherapy Bracelet

  • Unconditional Love Bracelet

  • Chakra Angel Pendant

  • Natural Chevron Point Pendant

  • Seaglass Necklaces

  • Chakra Tree of Life Pendant

  • Hand of God Bracelet

  • Aromatherapy Bracelets

    Natural Stone & Crystals

    Signature Designs