Simply Sacred Oils™ presents its exclusive, hand – made artisan jewelry collection — Earth Spirit. The Earth Spirit Collection is a natural extension of the gem-infused, chakra-specific anointing oils, incorporating some of the same stones, minerals and crystals used to create Simply Sacred Oils. Earth Spirit jewelry can be used independently, or as a compelling and powerful compliment to the use of Simply Sacred Oils.

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  • Ask Your Angels Bracelet

  • The Star Fish

  • Caribbean Sea Fish

  • Caribbean Conch Shell

  • Turtle Love Bracelet

  • Angels Watching Over Me

  • Mother Earth Grounding Anklet

  • Frog Spirit Totem Grounding Anklet

  • Mati Grounding Anklet

  • Black Jasper Grounding Anklet

  • Turquoise Shell Ankle Wrap

  • Tigereye Frog Totem Anklet

  • Lady Lucky Bracelet

  • Lucky Horseshoe Bracelet

  • My Heart Bracelet #1 Polished Hematite

  • My Heart Bracelet #2 Satin Hematite

  • My Heart Bracelet #3 Tigereye

  • Buddha Tigress Bracelet

  • Pink Rose Heart Bracelet

  • Rose Quartz Cherib Coin Bracelet

  • Green Aventurine Cherib Bracelet

  • Fire Agate & Hematite Bracelet

  • Green Aventurine & Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

  • Rose Quartz & Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

  • Black Obsidian & Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

  • Tribal Bracelet #1 Black Onyx

  • Tribal Bracelet #2 Satin Black Onyx

  • Tribal Bracelet #3 Hematite

  • Tribal Bracelet #4 Satin Hematite

  • Blu Mati Crystal Bracelets

  • Mati Lava Bracelet

  • Blue Mati

  • Natural Lapis Bangle Bracelet

  • Dragons Passion Bracelet

  • Open Heart Bracelet

  • Rainbow Chakra Bracelet

  • Love Pearls Bracelet

  • Unconditional Love Bracelet

  • Ancient Insight Bracelet

  • Angel Blessings Bracelet

  • Feminine Power Bracelet

  • Earth Wisdom Bracelet

  • Blue Feather Bracelet

  • Buddha Bracelet

  • Blue Nugget Bracelet

  • Dream Catcher Bracelet

  • Happy Buddha Bracelet

  • Rose Quartz Bracelets

  • Chakra Bracelet

  • Friendship Bracelet

  • Natural Chevron Point Pendant

  • Chakra Tree of Life Pendant

  • Seaglass Necklaces

  • Chakra Angel Pendant

  • Bracelets


    Earth Spirit Designs by Virginarose

    Handmade with love and purpose, with genuine material to provide metaphysical healing properties. Please expect variation to size, shape and color based on natural product and uniqueness of each bead. Each design is cleansed with our smudge sage mist to activate positive energy. Each is sent to you in a colorful organza drawstring pouch ready to gift.

    Signature Designs